Principal Investigator

Catherine Kerr
Assistant Professor (Research), Department of Family Medicine

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I investigate brain mechanisms underlying body-based attention and healing in mindfulness and other mind-body practices such as Tai Chi.


Arison Than
ScB Neuorscience ’14

How does mindfulness meditation affect the brain’s resting-state connectivity in chronic pain and functional disorders such as IBS?

Sandeep Nayak
BA Religious Studies ’13, MD ’18

I am exploring the effect of Tai Chi practice on the Rubber Hand Illusion.

Juan Santoyo
ScB Neuroscience, Contemplative Studies ’14

How can emerging neurofeedback technologies be used to explore the correspondence between experience and neurobiological activity? Can we use these technologies to inform our understanding of cognitive function and psychiatric techniques for modulating specific brain activity? Utilizing these methodologies, can we improve on existing contemplative practices for the development of prosocial qualities of mind such as loving-kindness and how can these practices be used to alleviate psychiatric conditions.

Uday Agrawal
ScB Applied Math/Neuroscience ’15

I am interested in studying the neural dynamics of Tai Chi practice, specifically looking at the coordination of the mind and the body via the beta rhythm. How does this attention-based practice elicit such positive clinical outcomes?

Michelle Shnayder
ScB Neuroscience, BA Science and Society ’14

I am a senior, neuroscience and science and society concentrator, graduating in May of 2014. I have been working for the Kerr Lab since January 2012 on a project studying the effects of meditation training on brain dynamics. I am also interested in looking at the mechanisms by which meditation improves attention and emotion regulation. In addition to conducting research, I am a captain of the Division I Brown University Gymnastics Team, and I hope to attend medical school in the Fall of 2014.


Stephanie Jones, Brown University

Christopher Moore, Brown University

Harold Roth, Brown University

Willoughby Britton, Brown University

Robert Heffron, Brown University

Sara Lazar, Massachusetts General Hospital

Ge Wu, UVM


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